U.S. Taíno Censured?

While the world was partying like it's 1929, I was busy picking up the pieces of my obliterated blog.

Yes, the evening of December 27th someone/something pulled the plug on my U.S.Taíno.

At first, I thought it may have been my fault--a purely U.S.Latino response. But the more I thought about it, the more convinced I am that something potentially sinister is at play. But whatever caused the deletion, a misfire in the less than seamless integration of Blogger into Google, or some purposeful action by a saboteur, the damage has been done--and that's wrong!

What is more than a bit disconcerting is that 3 Latin America blogs were also deleted last week--and only one was using the Blogger platform. One uses Wordpress and the 3rd I believe is independent. I don't know those bloggers, so I don't know what their themes are, but what's the likelihood of these things happening at once?

Q: Is there anyone tracking hostile actions against bloggers? If such a service doesn't exist (and it must, right?) it would seem to this novice blogger to be critically important to have in place.

I have recreated U.S.Taíno as American Taíno. It's paintaking work having to find and gather bits of content strewn across the internet. It's also time consuming re-registering to feeds, reloading widgets, re-establishing links and re-registering analytics and other blog services.

Here is the URL for American Taíno and the site's initial posts:

American Taíno

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  1. Anonymous1/14/2007

    I sincerely hope that your blog crash was a fault of technology and not a hostile action. Although I often don't agree with your views, I enjoy hearing them. You put a person and a face behind the headlines I see on the news. Keep up the good work.