RightWing Blackboots Go After Senator Martinez

Maybe the implosion is happening sooner than expected.

After Tommy Tancredo jetted to Florida for the express purpose of calling the heavily Cuban American populated City of Miami a third world travesty, now some of the dim bulbs on the Republican National Committee are seeking to dump Senator Mel Martinez as General Chairman of the party.


Because Senator Martinez favors U.S.Senator John McCain's proposal on immigration, which includes a path to citizenship for those that live and work here and have children or spouses that are U.S. citizens.

The Washington Times' Choice of Martinez sparks GOP rebellion quotes as an RNC member ridiculing President Bush's choice of Senator Martinez as something akin to "outsourcing". (Outsourcing is when companies send their work to be done in other countries by nonAmerican workers.)

Apparently, the fact that Senator Martinez is an American citizen, member in good standing of the Republican Party, and a United States Senator from the politically critical state of Florida, doesn't inoculate him from being dismissed by the Right as a "foreigner" unworthy of being the Republican Party Chairman.

Maybe Florida's Cuban Americans should consider a tactical realignment for 2008?

What's there to lose? The Tancredo creatures will ensure the defeat of the GOP, anyway.

BTW: This is typical of the comments you'll find on the country's right wing forums:

I just cannot understand WyTF these Republican party honchos are so hellbent on the Latinizing of America!!
So for those that continue to believe that the blackboots are stomping just for "illegals", think again. Senator Martinez is not an "illegal". He is however an American Latino.

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