Thank You, Chairman Roberto Múcaro Borrero

Mabrika Guaitiao (Greetings Relatives):

Below is a news update from United Confederation of Taíno People(UCTP), an international coalition of Caribbean Indigenous Peoples dedicated to the promotion, and protection of the cultural heritage and spiritual traditions of their aboriginal ancestors for their present and future generations.

Roberto Múcaro Borrero (a Borikén Taíno) is the UCTP Chairman as well as Chair of the United Nations International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples Committee.

In addition to his work on behalf of UCTP, Chairman Borrero is on staff at the American Museum of Natural History as the Indigenous and Native American Program Coordinator. The emblem is UCTP's official logo and the photograph is of Chairman Roberto Múcaro Borrero.

As you'll soon discover, UCTP and President Borrero have assembled an astounding array of resources, information and activities related to furthering the cause of Taínos and other indigenous peoples across the Americas.

I am a subscriber to UCTP's Taíno News Yahoo Group, and I would readers interested in staying abreast of Taíno developments to join with 1600 others and become a member of the Taíno News Yahoo Group. Subscription is free.

Other UCTP offerings include: The Voice of the Taino People, a nicely done and and informative weblog; and Taino News "Did You Know" Files, a weblog with interesting bitesize morsels of Taíno information paired with lovely illustrations. The latter was unveiled just today.

While I don't know Chairman Borrero, I'd liked to thank him for doing what is clearly an awesome job on our behalf. Perhaps I'll soon get the opportunity to meet and thank Chairman Borrero in person.

As Chairman Borrero would say: Bo'matum (Thank you),

American Taíno


UCTP Community News and Updates, Jan. 9th 2007

1.) UCTP Launches New Educational Resource

In response to our community's desire for educational resources from a Taino perspective, the United Confederation of Taino People Regional Coordinating Office has launched a new initiative entitled `UCTP Taino News "Did You Know" Files'. This unique online resource is an extension of the United Confederation of Taino People's premier news service "Voice of the Taino People Online". The UCTP Taino News "Did You Know" Files' is ongoing educational project will feature a variety of fact briefs focusing on the Taino People – past, present, and future.

To review the `UCTP Taino News "Did You Know" Files', please visit: http://taino-facts.blogspot.com/

2.) Taino People Featured at American Museum of Natural History...

In conjunction with its dazzling exhibition "Gold", the American Museum of Natural History's annual cultural series Living in America will trace the historical and cultural influence of this glittering symbol of wealth, power, and beauty from ancient times up through modern America with discussions, films, and performances for adults and for families.

Discussions will include a panel with Dr. Jose Barreiro (Guajiro Taino) and famed Lokono Arawak artist George Simon on January 14th and a lecture with acclaimed author of Columbus: His Enterprise, Hans Koning on January 21st. Live performances will include members of Paseo Taino: Travesia Taina from Puerto Rico on January 21st.

A special American Museum of Natural History Crafts Fair and Artist Showcase will feature a number of Taino and Arawak artists such as George Simon, Mildred Mucara Torres-Speeg, John Aguilar Marrero, Reina Miranda, Virginia Robles-Villalba, Enrique Makanaxeti Montalvo, Hermanos Guillen/Roman Guaraguarix Perez, Ramon Caracoli Rivera and others in the Grand Gallery on Sunday, January 14th from 11am-5pm.

For review the complete program and for additional information visit:
www.amnh.org/ livinginamerica

3.) Editorial: The OAS & CARICOM: Missing in Action...

Chief Damon Gerard Corrie (Lokono Arawak), a Member of the Indigenous Caucus Working Group on the Draft American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples expresses his views on the current negotiations and the position of Caribbean governments in this process. Corrie will be attending the 9th session on the elaboration of the Declaration forthcoming in Washington DC where he will continue to update the Caribbean indigenous community on this important initiative.

To review Chief Corrie's Editorial visit:
http://uctp. blogspot. com/2006/ 12/editorial- oas-caricom- missing-in. html

4.) Happy Birthdays and congratulations.

The UCTP pauses to extend Happy December, January, February, and March Birthday wishes to UCTP Webmaster Glenn Welker, UCTP News Borikén Correspondent Roger Atihuibancex Hernandez, UCTP Liaison Officer Rose Quinnoes del Valle, UCTP Liaison Officer Cyril Taylor, UCTP Liaison Officer Mildred Mucara Torres-Speeg, UCTP Liaison Officer Bruce Carlino, and UCTP Liaison Officer Cheyenne Velazquez as well as community members Joseph Borrero, Catalina Reyes Rodriquez de Rivera, Jesse M. Perez, Sylvia Karayaturey Rosario, Carlos Duprey, Andrea Dumount, Jaime Rosario, John Santana, Angel Torres, Domingo Hernandez, Celina Gonzalez, Catalina Reyes Rodriguez, Alberto Ayala, Eugenia Aguilar Torres, Hailey and Calista Conde, and Sylvia Guarixecoa Santiago.

The UCTP would also like to extend congratulations to Evelyn and Joe Kaonabo Garcia on the occasion of their 28th wedding anniversary this month. We say bo'matum (thank you) for the wonderful example they continue to provide the community. The Garcias are UCTP Liaison Officers in the State of Washington.


  1. Mabrika natiao (Greetings brother) and bo'matum (thank you) for all your hard work. We, the UCTP, appreciate your posting our information to your readers. We are honored.

    On a personal note, I also enjoy your perspectives and will inform our news list subscribers about your blog as it is a very important initiative.

    I look forward to maintaining contact and working in solidarity in the Spirit of our Ancestors.

    Oma'bahari (With respect),
    R. Mucaro Borrero

  2. Anonymous1/01/2011

    I'm a friend of Vanessa, Mukaro and have been concerned about her personal situation, at present, which may be painful to her. If you see this note on 1/1/12011. let it be to your understanding that we have to have some common ground of respect,consideration and if by the Creator's choosing Unity. It's to my feelings that different taino villages should come together to have a sense of rescuing in Kiskeya for Taino restoration. What ever differences there is in belief or methods in presenting Tainey traditions should be respected and they're adherents conscious of the varieties of Tainey culture that is transmitted. Ahiahude(Blessings). This should be shared even with the Taino Nation that is known for they're stubborned differences. We are strong in numbers with a common objective. Taiku-