Margarita Espada: the art of social change


"Like the yerba bruja plant freckling the hillsides of Puerto Rico, withstanding intense heat and almost unlivable conditions, adapting to whatever challenges threaten to harm it, Margarita Espada, too, has learned to adapt, to survive, to thrive." 



Dreaming of a Coquito Christmas by Suset Laboy

Coquito - Coconut Eggnog

"My feverish obsession with making the best coquito took off 4 years ago. I had settled back in Nuyorico after a one year research stint in Puerto Rico. New (once more) to my Puerto Rican community in New York, I set to perfect the recipe of my foremothers. Scratch that. I set to one-up the Carmen Aboy Valldejulis’s in my life, and claim my Puertoricanness amongst my new Puerto Rican community. I would like to think that I succeeded in making the best coquito. Anyone who has ever made coquito will try to prove me wrong, but they are all just lying."