Your Blog is a much needed Taino information source. Yes, you are a true "Taino Warrior".

A. Vázquez

Pretty cool blog.

T. Lopez

The blog is awesome...so full of information.

N. Segarra

WOW!! This is really some good stuff. I enjoy reading your thoughts -- please keep sharing.

A. Scott

I am very impressed with all of the information and breadth of topics.

Dr. L. Valenzuela

I just wanted to say to you thanks for your postings. I do not have much time--with three kids and all, but I do want to stay on top of the issues in this world.

A. Sanchez

I find your blog to be very informative. Thank you!!

A. Veras

Great stuff!

Dr. F. Vásquez

You should write a book. A lot of Latinos feel disconnected from their roots and I believe a well written, fun book with facts, history and real stories from the memories of elders would be a big seller.

R. DeJesus

Too cool! I really enjoy reading your blog. It helps keep me on top of the political scene. Keep it up!

M. Vázquez