Florida's Fast Growing Puerto Rican Population

Believe it or not, pero Cubans account for little more than a quarter (28%) of Florida's Latino population -- and shrinking! That is, 3 of 4 Floridian Latinos are now nonCuban. Puerto Ricans are the state's 2nd largest Latino group at 850,000 (2010 census) and growing rapidly (migration/youth). 

The Sunshine State's Puerto Rican population grew 75% between 2000 and 2010, mostly in Central Florida, and they now make up 13% of Orange County and 27% of Osceola County. Barring another Mariel boatlift or exodus, the 2020 census may show Puerto Ricans eclipsing Cubans in La Florida.

Interactivemap: Census 2010: Puerto Rican population in Florida