Florida's Fast Growing Puerto Rican Population

Believe it or not, pero Cubans account for little more than a quarter (28%) of Florida's Latino population -- and shrinking! That is, 3 of 4 Floridian Latinos are now nonCuban. Puerto Ricans are the state's 2nd largest Latino group at 850,000 (2010 census) and growing rapidly (migration/youth). 

The Sunshine State's Puerto Rican population grew 75% between 2000 and 2010, mostly in Central Florida, and they now make up 13% of Orange County and 27% of Osceola County. Barring another Mariel boatlift or exodus, the 2020 census may show Puerto Ricans eclipsing Cubans in La Florida.

Interactivemap: Census 2010: Puerto Rican population in Florida


  1. Hopefully, the influx of Boricuas into this part of Florida will lead to much needed socio-political reforms in the Sunshine State.

    For too long, Cubanos allowed themselves to be fooled into voting Repukeblican as it was thought this would ultimately lead to reform in Cuba. History shows, however, that Castro has been the Puke party's best friend as he has served as political bogeyman. These enterprising Pukies use him as ''proof'' that continued militarism, pro war politricks, and boycotting Cuba are in the best interest of Cubanos and everyone else. Yet, he remains in power. Why? Well, consider this: when the USA engaged in commerce with Eastern Europe, Russia, and China, what was the ultimate result? It was reform. Each society became capitalist and prospered as a consequence. Because of the continued embargo, Cuba has NOT reformed! That is because the stupid boycott (one so strongly pushed by the Repukeblicans) is what has kept Castro in power! You want reform in that country? End the damn boycott! How do you bring about this change? Answer: don't vote Repukeblican!

    Indeed, Boricuas in NY and NJ have long voted Democrat. They know that voting Dem has been a much better alternative than voting GOP. The inevitable result has been FAR more favorable than voting Republican. Hopefully, they will continue voting in this manner as they move to Florida.

  2. Anonymous5/18/2012

    Cubans are a voting machine and Puerto Ricans are NOT.
    Cubans vote in every election while most PR's ignore state elections.
    Cubans are a political fist but PR's are a limp wrist.

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