A Black CIC, A Supreme Latina w/Borikua Attitude & 2 "Mexicans" Flying The Space Shuttle

What in heaven's name is happening to this country!!!

Think about it...at this very moment in the U.S. of A there's...

a Black family in the White House
a Latina with Borikua attitude in the US Supreme Court
a Madam Speaker of the House
a Black woman billionaire whose preferences make or break businesses
and, there are two "Mexicans" and a White Chick flying the Space Shuttle!

Wrong, right? And soooooo scary!!!!

Seriously, this is a real life horror flick for the birthers, deathers, birchers, hate radio listeners, Beck watchers, Timothy McVeigh wannabes, and other weak-minded critters. All they need now is for Missy to marry Manuel or Mohammed. Ooops...that's already happened?

BTW: Of the 5 Americans on the current NASA Space Mission, two are Latino, and one is female.

Hey Rushbo, "How do you like them manzanas?!!!


Shakira's She Wolf

Click here for the video.

She Wolf is pure eroticism featuring Shakira's dance beat and signature curves. It's a shocking, mesmerizing, and some would say disturbing, exhibition. Many of her fans will love it. Others will be disappointed.

I'm a big Shakira fan. IMO, few artists -- commercial or otherwise -- command sound, image, rhythm and motion to evoke a feeling or idea as masterfully as she does. However, the risk for Shakira is that her performances may become too much about her -- her image, sexiness, curves, psyche.

Q: At night, the woman (i..e, Shakira's character) is at her animalistic peak when caged. A contradiction, no?

A: While most are shocked to see this side of her, the video goes with the lyrics. She is not signing about going to church. She is singing about having a moment when your sensuality wants to be known. The lyrics state that her partner is clearly taking advantage of her, and ignoring her sexuality. If you look at her other videos she clearly follows ... the tone of what her songs state. I have been a fan since I was 12, and though this one is different, I can acknowledge the fact that the sexiest parts of the video are when she is in the cage. Thus directly illustrating the point of the "She wolf," being locked in the cage. Stephanie C.