Do American Indians Look "Hispanic" or Do "Hispanics" Look American Indian?


- There is a problem in the U.S. with the label Hispanic.
- The problem is people are redefining the term.
- The correct term for the label Hispanic; refers to those peoples of origin of Southern Europe. [Hispania]
- Here are some facts that can help you understand.
Hispanic is a term that goes back to the time of Romans [The true Latinos].
- Hispanic is someone of, from, or pertaining to the historical region of Hispania.
- Hispania is the name that Romans used to call the southern part of Europe, what is now "modern" Spain.
- From Hispania you get España.
- The Romans used the term Hispanus in Latin to refer those from Hispania (Spain).
- Hispanus is Latin for the Castilian (Spanish) word Hispano.
- In todays days now the term has changed and people are misusing this label, specially the U.S. Who considers "Hispanic " anyone who lives in the United States of "Latin America" Origin and can be of any Race, Black/African descent, White/Caucasian, Asian and/or Amerindian/Native American.
- The term of Hispanic in the United States is obviously wrong and Idiotic.


  1. Anonymous11/25/2009

    a webou que palencia.. se ve bien . .nativo.. .si que si..

  2. Much like modern Native Americans (or First People) often refer to themselves by the misnomer, "Indian," the Guatemalans I know refer to themselves & other Spanish speaking people living in the USA as "hispanos."
    My fiance is from Mexico, and looking at him, it's easy to believe that he is 100% indigenous. But because being called "Indian" (or indio) in Mx is often considered an insult, referring to him as indígena could be problematic.
    Like you pointed out in the video, THAT is the problem: indigenous people have been taught that their heritage is somehow shameful. When I see Mexicans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans - I see the people on whose land I live. To me, los indigenas de Monterrey and those from Oklahoma are essentially the same. Our modern borders really mean nothing when it comes to race.

  3. Totally agree on this one. I've heard people on the west coast say latino, mexicano, xicano, and RAZA-which I love personally, but when i came to the east coast i was surprised to hear brown peoples calling themselves hispanic or spanish! I mean these are our conquerors! Its almost like Africans born in the US calling themselves Europeans. Anyways, thanks for posting.

  4. Anonymous3/14/2010

    Mexicans in the US need to get political and declare themselves as indigenous.

  5. Anonymous4/24/2010

    i might not be Mexican or anything but i am of mix between Taino and Spanish, but i believe we should call our self by our mix, like I'm Puerto Rican or Boricua. which i cant not use the other spelling due to it means true Taino. but i think the American govt. should just let us state the race we're then place using Hispanic because we are not Spanish in that sense. we do have a mix blood, and people like me that has 50/50 blood cant really use that.

  6. Anonymous9/11/2010

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  7. Anonymous6/16/2011

    you will have to remember that Latinos, or Hispanics--ergo those from the Caribbean, Central and South American are Spanish, Indian and Negro. Only approx 5% of their DNA is European Spanish at this stage.

  8. Anonymous5/20/2012

    ^False. There is a lot of variety and mixing throughout Latin America but different doses. European genetics are strongest in Cuba and PR for the Carib. Most are mixed race, but heavily Euro leaning from PR, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay. PR, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil also have a lot of tri-racials. Mexico and other central Ameri nations lack much African mixture throughout but it does exist. Peru, Bolivia lean towards Indigenous people.