Americans Who Tell the Truth: Carlos Muñoz Jr.

"As Latinos, we are not islands unto ourselves. Our past and present struggles for social and economic justice have been directly connected with those of all oppressed peoples.

We know we are an indigenous people. But we must also know that we are African, Asian, Middle Eastern, and European.

We are of all faiths. We are America!"

Americans Who Tell the Truth

Obama at the NALEO Conference: Todos Somos Americanos

Ultimately, then, the danger to the American way of life is not that we will be overrun by those who do not look like us or do not yet speak our language. The danger will come if we fail to recognize the humanity of Cristina and her family - if we withhold from them the opportunities we take for granted, and create a servant class in our midst.

More broadly, the danger will come if we continue to stand idly by as the gap between Wall Street and Main Street grows, as Washington grows more out of touch, and as America grows more unequal. Because America can only prosper when all Americans prosper - brown, black, white, Asian, and Native American. That's the idea that lies at the heart of my campaign, and that's the idea that will lie at the heart of my presidency. Because we are all Americans. Todos somos Americanos. And in this country, we rise and fall together.

McCain at NALEO
Clinton Speaks to NALEO


New Face of Nashville: Jaci Velasquez

You know the South is changing when the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau chooses a Latina, Jaci Velasquez, for its Music Calls Us Home campaign to attract visitors and business to the area.

Jaci's 13th studio album, entitled Love Out Loud, was released in March. A recent interview with Jaci and her husband Nic is here.

Credit: Hispanic Nashville

Jaci Velasquez' MySpace


American Museum of Natural History’s Caribbean Festival

New York, NY (UCTP Taino News) - The American Museum of Natural History will host a Caribbean Heritage Festival in recognition of the region’s cultural legacy and diversity on Sunday, June 22, 2008 from 12 noon – 5:00 p.m. The celebration will highlight the region's contributions and cultures through family friendly programs with guest presenters, performers and films.

A Caribbean art display will be featured in the Museum’s Grand Gallery with artists representing Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. Caribbean indigenous artists Aguilar Marrero and Reina Miranda of Taino Spirit as well as acclaimed Lokono Arawak artist Foster Simon of Guyana will have works exhibited.

The program is presented in collaboration with the Haitian Centers Council, Inc. and is free with suggested Museum admission.

Photo: Several works by Arawak artist Foster Simon of Pakuri Territory in Guyana will be exhibited at the American Museum of Natural History’s Caribbean Festival.


The Electoral Map Challenge

The LATimes has this nifty interactive electoral vote model allowing users to create different winning scenarios for McCain and Obama.

For example, Obama can lose Ohio and Florida and still win the presidency by winning the Democratic leaning states of WA, OR, WI, MI, MN, DE, NH, NJ, and then picking up NM, CO and IA. On the other hand, McCain can lose the GOP leaning states of NM, CO, NV, IA and still win by keeping FL and picking pick up MI and OH.

A nontraditional Democratic "Southern Strategy" scenario--in this very nontraditional presidential cycle--could see Obama lose most of the usual "swing" states (OH, PA, FL, CO, NV, IA) and still win by keeping the deepest blue states and adding VA, GA and MS--along with NM.

Try it and become a strategist for your favorite candidate.


Lisha Roubert-Rodriguez of Guayama, Puerto Rico, Selected for Prestigious NASA Academy

Lisha Roubert-Rodriguez, a student at the University of Puerto Rico, Cayey, will spend the summer of 2008 at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., as a participant in the competitive NASA Academy.

In her senior year, Roubert-Rodriguez is from Guayama and majoring in mathematics.

"I look forward to the hands-on experience the academy will provide. I want to apply the mathematical knowledge that I can gain in real situations. I couldn't think of a better place to learn than at NASA which has some of the top scientists in the world who have already mastered these skills." Lisha Roubert-Rodriguez
The NASA Academy is a unique residential internship program that targets undergrad and graduate students. Participants must have demonstrated unique interest in space science during the application process. The academy was created to develop new leaders for the U.S. Space Program.


Americans Who Tell The Truth: Winona LaDuke

“The essence of the problem is about consumption, recognizing that a society that consumes one third of the world’s resources is unsustainable. This level of consumption requires constant intervention into other people’s lands. That’s what’s going on.” Winona LaDuke

Americans Who Tell the Truth


Peace and Dignity Journeys 2008

Peace and Dignity Journeys are spiritual runs that embody the prophecy of the Eagle and Condor.

This prophecy mandates that at this time all Indigenous Peoples in the Western Hemisphere shall be reunited in a spiritual way in order to heal our nations so we can begin to work towards a better future for our children and generations to come.

Through the Journeys, participant runners and supporters work to accomplish this goal by helping each other reconnect to their respective spiritual practices and traditions; by helping each other relearn our role in the world as Indigenous Peoples; and by reminding each other of our responsibilities to Mother Earth, Father Sky, our communities, and ourselves.

Peace and Dignity Journeys occur every four years and start with Indigenous runners on opposite ends of the continents (Chickaloon, Alaska and Tierra del Fuego, Argentina).

They run for six months through hundreds of Indigenous communities where they participate in their respective spiritual practices and traditions; spark dialogue on the issue of peace and dignity for Indigenous Peoples; model their responsibility to Mother Earth, Father Sky, communities, and themselves; and receive the community’s prayers. These prayers and conversations are then carried to proceeding communities until the runners reach the center of the hemisphere.

When the runners meet at the Kuna Nation in Panama City, Panama, it will symbolize all Indigenous Peoples joining together in a spiritual way to manifest the prophecy of the Eagle and Condor.


Americans Who Tell The Truth: W.E.B. DuBois

"Back of the problem of race and color lies a greater problem and that is the fact that so many civilized persons are willing to live in comfort even if the price of this is poverty, ignorance, and disease of the majority of their fellowmen, [and] that to maintain this privilege men have waged war until today war tends to become universal and continuous." ~ W.E.B. DuBois

Americans Who Tell the Truth


Calgary's Expo Latino August 22-24

Billed as the hottest outdoor festival, the Hispanic Arts Society of Canada presents Expo Latino 2008, August 22-24, in Calgary, Alberta's Prince's Island Park.

Entertainers include: Compadres with Oscar Lopez, Ache Brasil, Samba Brasil, Salsa Rica, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Michael Stuart, and Cheka.

The Hispanic Arts Society was established in 1987 and is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Alan Garcia Beats The Odds

Alan Garcia, 22 years old, is the jockey who rode Da'Tara to an upset victory over Triple Crown contender Big Brown in the Long Island Belmont Stakes this past Saturday.

Da'Tara was a 38-1 long shot.

Native of Lima, Peru, Garcia currently resides in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

Big Brown


$23 Billion Iraq War Funds Lost or Stolen

A BBC investigation estimates that around $23bn may have been lost, stolen or just not properly accounted for in Iraq.

For the first time, the extent to which some private contractors have profited from the conflict and rebuilding has been researched by the BBC's Panorama using US and Iraqi government sources.

"It may...be the largest war profiteering in history."

A US gagging order is preventing discussion of the allegations.

The order applies to 70 court cases against some of the top US companies.

While George Bush remains in the White House, it is unlikely the gagging orders will be lifted.

To date, no major US contractor faces trial for fraud or mismanagement in Iraq.


Iraq Loses $Billions in U.S. Taxpayer Funds
Billions $ Lost In Iraq
Ex-White House Aide McClellan: Bush Lied About Iraq!
Iraq War Cost Update: 3,501 U.S. Soldiers Killed; up to 71,042 Iraqi Civilians killed; and $432.5 Billion Spent


Obama's Joshua Generation: Engaging Young People of Faith

David Reports of CBN News reports that the Obama Camapaign will soon launch The Joshua Generation, an outreach to young people of faith--especially young Evangelicals and Catholics.

Obama spoke about the "Joshua Generation" in his Selma Speech (March of 2007). Here's are excerpts:

- I'm here because somebody marched. I'm here because you all sacrificed for me. I stand on the shoulders of giants.

- I thank the Moses generation; but we've got to remember, now, that Joshua still had a job to do.

- As great as Moses was, despite all that he did, leading a people out of bondage, he didn't cross over the river to see the Promised Land. God told him your job is done.

- We're going to leave it to the Joshua generation to make sure it happens. There are still battles that need to be fought; some rivers that need to be crossed.

- The previous generation, the Moses generation, pointed the way. They took us 90% of the way there. We still got that 10% in order to cross over to the other side.

- So the question, I guess, that I have today is what's called of us in this Joshua generation? What do we do in order to fulfill that legacy; to fulfill the obligations and the debt that we owe to those who allowed us to be here today?


Obama Campaign will Launch 'Joshua Generation Project'
Evangelicals for Obama?
Obama's Speech at Ebenezer Bapitist Church: The Great Need of the Hour
Obama's Selma Speech
Obama's Selma Blessing
Don't tell me I don't have a claim on Selma, Alabama. I stand on the shoulders of giants.


The John McCain Video Collection

More John McCain videos:

10 Things you should know about the real McCain

McCain Leaves Fox Speechless

John McCain... Electable?

McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare

John McCain as Dr. Strangelove

The REAL McCain

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John McCain's Lobbyist Friends


McCain Uses "Tar Baby"

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John McCain - The Fool on the Hill

John Cusack Gives the Bush-McCain Challenge

Evangelicals for Obama?

The evangelical vote has been a cornerstone of the Republican Party's national successes since Ronald Reagan's 1980 victory over Jimmy Carter.

(The irony is that Carter was--and is--a devout, born-again, Evangelical Christian and Reagan was not.)

If the Democrats could ever peal away enough Evangelicals, it would cripple the GOP. Could it happen this year?

Mark DeMoss, a prominent public relations executive in the evangelical world who's client list includes Franklin Graham and Campus Crusade for Christ, thinks so. According to very clued-in DeMoss, Obama could win as much as 40% of the evangelical vote. Wow!

A Southern Baptist who supported Mormon Mitt Romney in the GOP Primary, DeMoss sees very little enthusiasm for McCain--and he himself is only a lukewarm supporter.

Interview with Mark DeMoss - Beliefnet
Evangelicals Are Still Wary Despite McCain’s Outreach - NYTimes
McCain's Evangelical Problem - Robert Novak
Will Christian Voters Turn to the Democratic Party in 2008? - Stephanie Condon

Big Brown

Big Brown poised for Triple Crown bid
Big Brown has Date with Destiny on Long Island

Yankees Draft 102 Year Old Emilio "Millito "Navarro

Emilio "Millito" Navarro (born September 26, 1905 in Patillas) was the first Puerto Rican to play baseball in the Negro Leagues.

At 102, Navarro is also the oldest living professional baseball player.

"I started playing professional baseball when I was 17 years old. I was the first Puerto Rican to play in the Negro Leagues and I am the last surviving player from the Negro American League. In 1929, I hit.337. Also, I was the original shortstop and lead-off batter for the Eastern Cuban Stars team."
Navarro was inducted into the "Puerto Rican Sports Hall of Fame" in 2004, and his story will be part of an American documentary called "Beisbol".

On June 6, 2008, Major League Baseball held a ceremonial draft to honor Negro League players. Navarro was drafted by the New York Yankees.

Winfield’s brainchild thrills Negro Leaguers
Yankees Youth Movement Dealt Another Blow

Emilio "Millito" Navarro
Major League Baseball to hold ceremonial Negro Leagues draft


Who'll Win the Latino Vote?

Who wins the Latino vote in general election this fall, Barack Obama or John McCain? Time will tell, but indicators suggests to me that it likely will not be John McCain.

First, a reality check: Contrary to some of the myth-making pundits and political opponents, Obama has Latino support:

A new Gallup Poll summary of surveys taken in May shows Obama winning 62% of Latino registered voters nationwide, compared with just 29% for McCain.
So, how did Obama not perform better with Latinos against Hillary?

The Clinton primary election strategy was to build a coalition of interests with Latinos being a key target group. It was a strategy built on traditional Democratic Party coalition-building and it played to her strength as the establishment candidate with the political machine connections.

Obama's strategy was different. As a newcomer--and an African American candidate, Obama sought to appeal to people based on their desire for progressive change. The strategy did not simply rely on name ID, party or ethnic loyalties.

These different strategies led to different approaches to communications and outreach.

For instance, Obama's messages were primarily delivered via the internet and mass rallies, while Hillary's were disseminated via television ads, controlled town hall meetings, and interest group rallies. Latinos were bombarded with pro-Hillary messages via Spanish language television, as well as through the organization of Latino-specific rallies in Latino districts.

In contrast, Obama held few Latino events and did virtually no Spanish television advertising.

The results of these two divergent approaches was that Obama captured the educated, English-speaking and Latino youth vote, while Hillary dominated the Spanish language television viewers, lower-income and interest group Latino vote.

In the general, the Obama campaign will use a strategy against McCain that is different than the one used against Hillary. It'll be one that's honed based on the issues, voting preferences and political opportunity.

While Latinos were a stronger constituency for Hillary, they are NOT for McCain. After all, most Latinos are Democrats. Latinos have suffered economically under the current Republican regime. Most are opposed to the Iraq War. Furthermore, most are distressed by the GOP's anti-immigrant politics.

While many Latinos are grateful for his more constructive approach to immigration reform, McCain will find it difficult to overcome the GOP's dismal record and harsh rhetoric--especially if the rightwing anti-Latino propagandists continue their nativist drum-beating.

Of course, Obama cannot take the Latino voters for granted--and he won't. He'll have to actively court their support--as will McCain.


Obama's Victory: US & World Frontpages

Obama' Victory: World Press Day 2

Foreign reaction to Obama's claim is favorable
International Herald Tribune

US goes Barack to the future
The Sun - UK

Dawn of a new era
The Australian

Racism and the threat of assassination haunt Barack's historic achievement
Daily Mail - UK

Can $200m Obama win votes of 'poor white folk'?
The Scotsman - UK

Obama turns to healing rifts after 'extraordinary' nomination
The Independent - UK

Obama names a Kennedy to help pick VP
CNews - Canada

Obama's choice
Toronto Globe & Mail - Canada

Voices: Obama's running mate
Toronto Star - Canada

Obama vows to stop Iran from developing A-bomb
The Vancouver Sun - Canada

Arabs shocked by Obama speech
Al Jazeera - Middle East

Hillary 'preparing to bow out'
The Age - Australia

Goodbye, Hillary Clinton
Pravada - Russia

Christopher Hitchens on how we haven't seen the back of the Clintons yet
The Daily Mirror - UK

Obama blasted for Jerusalem remark
Bahrain Tribune

Jerusalem must remain an undivided capital
Jerusalem Post - Israel

Is racism alive and kicking in US?
China Daily

Why Africa exults at Obama’s victory
The Daily Nation - Kenya

Obama crea equipo para seleccionar a su fórmula vicepresidencial
El Tiempo - Colombia

Hillary Clinton aún no reconoce la histórica victoria de Obama
El Comercio - Ecuador

Obama lanza campaña presidencial contra McCain
La Nacion - Costa Rica

Latino Unemployment Spikes

According to a new report by the Pew Research Center, the unemployment rate for Latinos in the U.S. rose to 6.5% in the first quarter of 2008, well above the 4.7% rate for all non-Latinos.

The spike in Latino unemployment has hit immigrants especially hard. Their unemployment rate was 7.5% in the first quarter of this year, marking the first time since 2003 that a higher percentage of foreign-born Latinos was unemployed than native-born Latinos.

Some 52.5% of working-age Latinos (ages 16 and older) are immigrants. Latinos make up 14.2% of the U.S. labor force.

Latino Labor Report, 2008: Construction Reverses Job Growth for Latinos


Obama's Victory: World Press Headlines

World welcomes Obama win
Associated Press

Obama's claim gets an upbeat response across the globe
International Herald Tribune - London

Asia celebrates Obama victory claim
The Press Association

Obama hace historia al ganar la nominación demócrata a la Casa Blanca
El Pais - Spain

Obama: "Ich werde der Kandidat für die Demokraten sein"
DerStandard - Austria

Obama devient le candidat démocrate
Le Soir - Belgium

Obama teki historiaa varmistamalla presidentinvaalien pääehdokkuuden
Helsingin Sanomat - Finland

Barack Obama serale candidat démocrate
Le Figaro - France

Bravo Obama, mais que veut Hillary ?
Liberation - France

Obama: Io il candidato dei democratici
Corriere - Italy

L'Ansa - Italy

Obama eist kandidatuur voor Democraten op
deGelderlander - Netherland

Obama será el primer candidato afroamericano a la Casa Blanca
La Vanguardia - Spain

Barack Obama wird Präsidentschaftskandidat der Demokraten
Zeitung - Switzerland

Barack Obama seizes his moment in history
London Times - London

Barack Obama wins Democratic nomination for president
The Guardian - UK

Obama clinches the Democratic nomination
Financial Times - London

Barack Obama claims Democratic presidential nomination
London Daily Mirror - UK

Epic struggle ends with victory for Obama
Belfast - Telegraph

Obama claims historic win
The Vancouver Sun - Canada

Obama clinches Democratic nomination
Toronto Star - Canada

Obama wins Democratic nomination
National Post - Canada

Barack Obama's fight for victory goes on
The Australian

Obama sweeps to victory
The Press - New Zealand

It’s Obama!
Bahrain Tribune

Obama declares nomination victory
Al Jazeera - Middle East

Obama clinches presidential nomination
The Jerusalem Post - Israel

Obama faces McCain after historic win
Mail & Gaurdian - South Africa

Historic moment as Obama triumphs
Daily Nation - Kenya

Asegura Barack Obama candidatura demócrata
El Universal - Mexico

Obama inicia campaña a la Casa Blanca tras proclamarse candidato demócrata
El Comercio - Ecuador

Obama gana histórica candidatura presidencial
La Nacion - Costa Rica

Prensa de EE.UU. dice que la candidatura demócrata de Obama es «histórica»
Los Tiempos - Bolivia

Racial barriers broken by Obama's nomination
The Times of India

Obama clinches US Democratic nomination
China Daily


Obama Makes History Today!

Barack Obama has received enough delegates (super and pledged), including those from today's the final primaries in Montana and South Dakota, to clinch the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.


The son of a Kenyan man who was raised by his white American mother, grew-up in Hawaii, and lived in Indonesia. Who studied at Columbia, Harvard and was selected Law Review Editor at Harvard Law.

The one who passed on the big bucks of Wall Street in favor of advocating for the poor and voiceless of Chicago.

The man who burst onto the national scene with his incredible, poetic and timely speech about One America at the 2004 Democratic National Conference. The very same man who shortly thereafter won an open U.S. Senate in Illinois with a record 90% of the vote.

This was also the man who gave one of the finest candidate announcement speeches on the frigid day in Springfield Illinois. And later in Philadelphia, while exhibiting grace under fire like few others in contemporary politics, gave the finest speeches on race in American history.

The man who has truly harnessed the power of the internet and created the first true peoples campaign of modern times.

The man whom "connected" African American pols dismissed in favor of Ms Hillary but whoim the people came to to love. The man middle Americans, urban, rich, poor, people of faith--and especially hardworking Whites have flocked to in droves--even if rightwing haters want us to believe otherwise.

The very same man that has withstood an endless round of attacks from rightwing politics and their radio and cable scheechers as well as from the Clinton smear machine. The same man the even today has the wingnuts going after his wife Obama.

And it's that man that still Hillary and Bill (and their ragged gang of sycophants and money launderers) have to this day given respect.

The law professor from the University of Chicago, and the author of the brilliantly written The Audacity of Hope and Dreams from My Father.

That man, father of the two little girls, husband of Michelle's--a family that exemplies the best of America now and to come.

That man. Obama. The next President of the U.S.A.

As Obama has repeatedly stated, "Only in America".


Obama's Puerto Rico Assisted Victories

So what happened to Obama in Puerto Rico? Why didn't he perform better? Afterall, he told Boricuas that he too was an islander, spoke Spanish, and even toured Ponce, the authentic city.

Yet, Hillary won in convincing fashion: 68% to 32. Where did Obama go wrong?

Political pundits have various theories, but they all assume that he seriously competed. But what if he didn't--by design? What if the real objective was to tie Hillary and company down in Puerto Rico so Obama and his strategists could focus on their priorities, i.e., Montana, South Dakota, Florida and Michigan?

My belief? We may have just witnessed a political headfake. A trick familiar to any basketball player, including Obama. The Obama camp gave the illusion of seriously competing for Puerto Rico, but spent their time and money elsewhere.

This tactic may have allowed an additional benefit of dampening voter enthusiasm. People in Puerto Rico (and elsewhere) are more likely to turn out if they can see and feel a true competition. Without the promised battle of the titans to excite, many Puerto Ricans lost interest. A weak voter turnout effectively denies Hillary the possibility of gaining a triple digit vote advantage.

A third benefit to the freeing of Obama's brain trust to focus on this weekend's DNC rules committee meeting. Anyone watching the proceedings could tell that the Clintonistas--who were thought to own the rules committee--were being maneuvered. The pro-Obama outcomes did not occur by happenstance.

(An alternative view is that allowing Hillary to dominate in Puerto Rico may be part of a "negotiated" exit strategy. That is, allow Hillary to leave on a high note, and to do so with a constituency that doesn't matter in terms of national elections, but is important to a New York politician with an eye on the next election.)

Clinton may have won a light primary in Puerto Rico, but it seems to me that she lost the wider war.

Puerto Rico Presidential Primary XIII: Lechón Asado

Lechón Asado

The Puerto Rico Primary
The Puerto Rico "primary" is a crypto-democratic act: We are selecting delegates who will be able to vote at the Democratic Convention even though they won't be able to vote in the general.

Clinton takes Puerto Rico after losing key party vote
A day after party leaders handed her a bruising defeat, Sen. Hillary Clinton consoled herself by winning the Puerto Rico primary, a contest that will produce a strong delegate count but little meaning for the general election, news networks said Sunday.

Clinton wins Puerto Rico primary
Hillary Rodham Clinton won a lopsided, but largely symbolic victory Sunday in Puerto Rico's presidential primary, the final act in a weekend of tumult that brought Barack Obama tantalizingly close to the Democratic presidential nomination.

Puerto Rico moves Obama closer to nomination
Barack Obama crept closer to clinching the Democratic presidential nomination Sunday, gaining at least 14 delegates in the Puerto Rico primary.

Hillary Clinton Projected Winner of the Puerto Rico Primary

Radio Isla 1320 and CNN projects Hillary winner of the Puerto Rico primary "by a large margin" -- 60% to 40%.

Reports of Disastrously Low Puerto Rico Voter Turnout

"Disastrous" is how a political analyst on Radio Isla 1320 describes what appears to be a Puerto Rico voter turnout far below official expectations. The expectation based on anecdotal evidence is that fewer than 350,000 voters island-wide will cast votes.

Polls close in 30 minutes.

Puerto Rico Presidential Primary XIII: Pasteles


Momma's Voting For Obama
I just got an email from my older brother who lives in the western part of PR. He is on his way to pick up my 80 year old mom and they will both vote for Obama today.

Democrats deal blow to Clinton ahead of Puerto Rico vote
The Democratic Party has restored the states of Michigan and Florida to its presidential convention with only half of their voting power, dealing a severe blow to Hillary Clinton ahead of Sunday's primary in Puerto Rico.

I Voted in Puerto Rico Today - Si Se puede!
Clinton's popular vote argument hinges on Puerto Rico now that Michigan has been removed from the equation. I am interested in how this plays out, because it could finally drive a stake through the undead heart of this silly argument.

Clinton Aims for Puerto Rico Win After Setback in Party Meeting
Hillary Clinton is counting on a lopsided win in Puerto Rico's Democratic presidential primary to shore up her argument that she is better able to beat Republican John McCain in November than her rival Barack Obama.

Puerto Rico Primary: Voters Head To The Polls
In Puerto Rico, some polling places in the capital of San Juan were busy soon after they opened while others were idle.

Puerto Rico gets its moment in the political sun
At 86, the Puerto Rican grandfather hardly typifies Obama's voter demographic. But Oms, wearing thick eyeglasses and a blue-and-yellow short-sleeved shirt with an Obama button, is enthusiastic and well-versed in mainland talking points.

Puerto Rico Goes to the Polls Today
Recession, war, high oil prices – all of these hit Puerto Rico hard, and early.

Clinton stumps, Puerto Rico wins
Sen. Hillary Clinton mounted a furious final day of campaigning Saturday across a halfdozen Puerto Rican towns in what is expected to be a victory for her against Barack Obama in Sunday's primary.