El Grupo Ecos Borincanos: Keeping Jibaro Music Alive!

El Grupo Ecos Borincanos played at this past weekend's Puerto Rican Festival in Rochester, NY; next, Market Street Park, Auburn New York, 6 pm!

Here's a clip of their rendition of Preciosa.


Zainnia Vegas and Her Lakota Grandmother Blackwolfe

Photo: Me and my Grandma Blackwolfe!  <3 this woman to the end of the world and back!  A TRUE Lakota warrior woman!
Zainnia Vegas (left) is with beloved Lakota grandmother Blackwolfe on the prairie in South Dakota. Born to Irish/Blackfoot and Puerto Rican parents, Zainnia traces her Borikua heritage on her mother's side to the early migrations of Puerto Rican farmworkers and merchant marines to California and Hawaii -- where she still has family. She's never been to Boriken, but Ziannia is very proud of her Taino heritage.

Big John Astacio -- A fiercely proud Taino in Seneca Country

Mercedes Vazquez Simmons and son at the Rochester PR Festival for the Ruben Blades Concert

Photo: My son and I at the festival

The lovely Mercedes Vazquez Simmons takes a break from her role as Founder & CEO of Pretty Girl Productions- Boxing Pretty Girl Promotions to enjoy the music of Ruben Blades with her son Taylor at yesterday's Puerto Rican Festival in Rochester, New York.