Obama at the NALEO Conference: Todos Somos Americanos

Ultimately, then, the danger to the American way of life is not that we will be overrun by those who do not look like us or do not yet speak our language. The danger will come if we fail to recognize the humanity of Cristina and her family - if we withhold from them the opportunities we take for granted, and create a servant class in our midst.

More broadly, the danger will come if we continue to stand idly by as the gap between Wall Street and Main Street grows, as Washington grows more out of touch, and as America grows more unequal. Because America can only prosper when all Americans prosper - brown, black, white, Asian, and Native American. That's the idea that lies at the heart of my campaign, and that's the idea that will lie at the heart of my presidency. Because we are all Americans. Todos somos Americanos. And in this country, we rise and fall together.

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  1. Anonymous4/02/2009

    Sí, en el mundo nuevo (in the New World), todos somos Americanos. Tenemos que seguir ADELANTE. Podemos aprender del pasado, pero, tenemos que mirar en el futuro y mejorar nuestro mundo, nuestro vidas. Pres. Obama is a product of his Mother's philosophy...and that of Hawai'i,where MANY different races, skin-colors, nationalities, and Religions were able to exist without war. I am so PROUD of him..and the USA for Electing him.
    BUT, WE MUST ALL HELP to achieve our mutual dream & not depend on the Gov't. to do it alone. OUR future DEPENDS on EVERY HELPING HAND. Learn from our Past, MOVE into the future with Peace and Fairness. Thank you for opportunity to comment.