Puerto Rico Presidential Primary XIII: Lechón Asado

Lechón Asado

The Puerto Rico Primary
The Puerto Rico "primary" is a crypto-democratic act: We are selecting delegates who will be able to vote at the Democratic Convention even though they won't be able to vote in the general.

Clinton takes Puerto Rico after losing key party vote
A day after party leaders handed her a bruising defeat, Sen. Hillary Clinton consoled herself by winning the Puerto Rico primary, a contest that will produce a strong delegate count but little meaning for the general election, news networks said Sunday.

Clinton wins Puerto Rico primary
Hillary Rodham Clinton won a lopsided, but largely symbolic victory Sunday in Puerto Rico's presidential primary, the final act in a weekend of tumult that brought Barack Obama tantalizingly close to the Democratic presidential nomination.

Puerto Rico moves Obama closer to nomination
Barack Obama crept closer to clinching the Democratic presidential nomination Sunday, gaining at least 14 delegates in the Puerto Rico primary.

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