The Electoral Map Challenge

The LATimes has this nifty interactive electoral vote model allowing users to create different winning scenarios for McCain and Obama.

For example, Obama can lose Ohio and Florida and still win the presidency by winning the Democratic leaning states of WA, OR, WI, MI, MN, DE, NH, NJ, and then picking up NM, CO and IA. On the other hand, McCain can lose the GOP leaning states of NM, CO, NV, IA and still win by keeping FL and picking pick up MI and OH.

A nontraditional Democratic "Southern Strategy" scenario--in this very nontraditional presidential cycle--could see Obama lose most of the usual "swing" states (OH, PA, FL, CO, NV, IA) and still win by keeping the deepest blue states and adding VA, GA and MS--along with NM.

Try it and become a strategist for your favorite candidate.

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