A Black CIC, A Supreme Latina w/Borikua Attitude & 2 "Mexicans" Flying The Space Shuttle

What in heaven's name is happening to this country!!!

Think about it...at this very moment in the U.S. of A there's...

a Black family in the White House
a Latina with Borikua attitude in the US Supreme Court
a Madam Speaker of the House
a Black woman billionaire whose preferences make or break businesses
and, there are two "Mexicans" and a White Chick flying the Space Shuttle!

Wrong, right? And soooooo scary!!!!

Seriously, this is a real life horror flick for the birthers, deathers, birchers, hate radio listeners, Beck watchers, Timothy McVeigh wannabes, and other weak-minded critters. All they need now is for Missy to marry Manuel or Mohammed. Ooops...that's already happened?

BTW: Of the 5 Americans on the current NASA Space Mission, two are Latino, and one is female.

Hey Rushbo, "How do you like them manzanas?!!!

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  1. Thanks for interesting Article - Latinos advance in Professions in America - Beautiful !!


    RassenReignigung in Amerika ??

    Racial Cleaning in America ??

    A Fool in Vdare, a Racist Website, wants to "clean" America from Latinos.

    This guy can talk a lot of nonsense, but what he proposes won't happen.

    There are many "good" forces of Big Capital, Money, Political Forces, Democratic Party, Mr Obama, etc ... that won't dance to the tunes of this Racist and Madman.

    The first enemy of his projects is MONEY AND CAPITAL :

    Consider the American Chambers of Commerce, Industrialists, Producers, Salesmen or Marketeers, Financial Institutions, Producer Associations.

    They need customers, clients, they need labor, they need work.

    Doing harm to Latinos in any way is contrary to their economic, social and moral interests.

    A Big Majority of the American White People are not racists like him. This White Population has enough culture and education for being tolerant. His crusade is contrary to the inner self of America, that is generous and kind.

    Even if I am wrong, America lives stressful moments in Foreign Policy with unresolved eternal Wars.

    There is a lot of unrest in many areas and regions of the World, even in the Western Hemisphere, North and South.

    To Initiate Progroms, KrostallNachten, Rassen Reignigung, and campaigns against unterMenschen and to glorify HerrenRasse und MeisterRasse is not going to help America in International Relations ....

    I know that many people are going to say that Europe doesn't count or that the rest of the World doesn't count, but that argument is vitiated and filled with holes.


    Vicente Duque