66% of Latinos Say Bring The Troops Home

According to the Pew Hispanic Center's latest Latino survey, only 20% of U.S. Latinos believe that the Iraq War is going well, and fully 66% want U.S. troops returned home. That's down from January 2005 when 37% of Latinos thought the war was going well and just half (51%) wanted the troops returned.

While always less enthusiastic for the military adventure from the start, Latino support for the Iraq War is now at its lowest point. Only 24% of Latinos now believe that the U.S. made the right decision to begin with to go into Iraq; whereas, 42% of the general public still think so.

Is it just coincidence that in the midst of their historic struggle for justice that African Americans were no less supportive of the Vietnam War, and that the Latino community today, at a time when its large immigrant portion struggles for their rights, are the most opposed to the costly and messy Irag War?

I believe that there are clear connections here and lessons to be learned. One is that the Tightwing cannot support foreign wars, oppress portions of the population, and then expect across the board support for their actions?

A final point: Latinos and the Rightwing are now on a collision course; the two groups represent the polar opposite views on the country's two most pressing issues: immigration and the Iraq War. And to the extent that the GOP does not, or cannot, distance itself from its destructive and self-destructive extremists (Tancredo, Buchanan, et. al.), they can say "good bye" to the Latino vote.

The U.S. cannot expect to prosecute a "War on Terror" while simultaneously unleashing terror on a portion of its own population. An additional irony is that the Latino soldiers are some of America's best and most fearless fighters.

The GOP has about 6-8 months max in which to fix the problem; after that, it'll be too late for the 2008 cycle--and perhaps for decades to come.

Chairman Mel Martinez, I think I can help. Call me.

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