U.S. Farmers Visit the Hometowns of Migrant Workers

Here's an AP story (What Brings Migrant Workers Here?) about a very sensible thing for U.S. farmers to do: Visit the hometowns of migrants workers in order to learn more about them. It appears that farmers from Western New York are making visits, and last week I read that farmers from Maine were doing the same thing.

Hurray for American farmers!

CLIFTON SPRINGS,NY(AP)-A group of local dairy farmers wanted to know what drives Mexican workers to the North for agricultural jobs.

That is why Cornell Cooperative Extension organized a trip to Mexico. Local farmers are learning about the Mexican culture and why workers come to our area.
The trips are also designed to learn about traditional farming, local customs, and life in the workers' home villages.

Photo Credit: The Associated Press Jan 12, 2007

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