NY Steals Manny Rivera from Boston

New York has done it again. It has again stolen Boston’s hope.

It started with the Babe going to the Yankees so many years ago; and the abuse has continued including the signings of Ace Pedro Martinez and all-star Johnny Damon by New York teams.

This time New York has snatched Manny Rivera.

Yes, Manny Rivera!!!

No, not Ramirez. Rivera. As in Manuel Rivera--the former high school track star from New London, Connecticut.

Yes, New York’s New America Governor, Eliot Spitzer, has signed the hugely talented Rivera after Boston believed that had him all sewn-up. But contract issues delayed Rivera’s signing in Boston and allowed Spitzer’s New America team to scoop him up—and at a bargain price.

Of course, I’m referring to Dr. Manny Rivera, the outgoing superintendent of the Rochester School District in Upstate New York, and 2006 national Superintendent of the Year. The Harvard-educated Rivera, who’s has done two stints as superintendent in Rochester, separated by a decade as an Edison Schools honcho, is one of the country’s most highly sought-after urban superintendent.

Co-Chairman of Governor Spitzer’s education committee, Dr. Rivera will join the new and promising administration as Chairman of a new Higher Education Commission. As he prepares to tackle what appears to the intractable state system of higher education, Governor Spitzer needs a smart and highly respected educator at his side. That’s Dr. Rivera.

Governor Spitzer, Excellent pick-up for New York. Sorry Boston.

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