Tommy: The Gods Are Not Happy!

Is it just my imagination or do the gods seem to be angry?

Since there isn't a "God Broadcasting Network", and no one would believe GBN's 'news you can use reports' anyway, the gods have to communicate in other, well, more god-like ways. My belief is that they communicate atmospherically. Of course, my idea is not original. Most world religions believe this, too.

So if my hunch is correct, the gods are really pissed off. Consider these recemt "atmospheric" events:

1. Snow in San Diego

Yesterday it snowed in San Diego, California. Average temperature for this time of the year in San Diego is 66 degrees.

2. Summer in the winter

The weather in the Northeast was spring-like until just two days ago. While the temperature is finally near normal for winter, but it has yet to snow where I live--and it's January 18th!!!

3. Dolphins in the rivers

There have been reports of dolphins found swimming into coastal inlets and rivers. Some are so disoriented that they have not been able to find their way back to the open seas. There are currently a half dozen dolphins nearby that marine biologists have been trying to free from an inlet, but the confused dolphins won't cooperate and now they're dying.

4. Birds falling from the sky

Last week there were reports of hundreds of birds falling from the sky in Texas and thousands in Australia. In neither instance are authorities able to explain the causes of the mass deaths.

5. A disk over Chicago

The very serious Chicago Tribune carried a series of reports from a few weeks ago about a flight crew that reported seeing a disk hovering above Chicago. The FAA acknowledged the report but couldn't account for what it was.

OK, the UFO may not fit, but many do believe that what people are actually seeing are not space ships but unknown atmospheric disturbances.

Now some people say that these are signs of the prophesied end of the world. Others believe that it's more evidence of global warming. While others believe that the gods are expressing their deep unhappiness with people's inhumanity towards others.

I don't know which it is, or whether it's all three, but it hasn't escaped me that things started to turn weird atmospherically when Tommy and the Know Nothings started going after Latino immigrants.

The gods have a special affection for the indigenous people of the Americas and they don't take kindly to people picking of them. After all,the Mayan, Taino, Inca and the others have had the Sun god on their side for a long time.

Tommy is so dense that he doesn't know that the gods are warning him to stop his nonsense. Having back-to-back major snowstorms and a massive avalanche hit Tommy's part of Colorado is not a coincidence.

Tommy, Huitzilopochtli is not happy either.

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