Nashville schools: 13% Latino

If you haven't noticed, I love that Latinos are finding their way to the South and planting roots in Dixie. Tennessee is no exception. From Memphis to Chattanooga and from Knoxville (where Bilingual in the Boonies blogs from) to Nashville and rural hamlets in between, Tennessean's are learning what it's like to live in an America that's more than just Black and White.

For example, according to the Tennessean's Multiculturalism has changed what we do (12/18/06), 13% of Metro Nashville school students are Latino, with six schools of 133 being majority Latino.

Marsha Warden, chairwoman of the Metropolitan Nashville Board of Education is quoted as saying: "The face of the Nashville community has changed, with a much richer diversity that should be embraced."

Ms. Warden is a wise woman.

Visit HispanicNashvilleNotebook for more information on the transformation of Latino Nashville.

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