There's Something Special About Angelina

In yet another sign that there's something special about Angelina, Kate Kretz, painter of "Blessed Art Thou", has gone from being an obscure North Carolina-based painter to achieving instant celebrity status.


Due to Kretz' provocative painting of Angelina Jolie as a Madonna-like figure hovering above the crassness of a Walmart check-out counter.

But it's also because certain Internet trendsetters took note of Kretz' work--and kicked off a cyberspace wave.

American Taíno is proud to have contributed to all of the fun (see here and here) by helping to instigate the wave. Note that my Angelina post was published Sunday, December 31, 2006; by Wednesday, January 3rd, visits to Kate Kretz' website had skyrocketed from 30 per day to over 30,000!

Now that's power!

Here's AP's story on the sensation in Yahoo today.

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