Snow in Tucson? It's Still A Lovely Place

Here's another picture of the freaky weather we're having across the country. This one is from outside my brother-in-law's home in TUCSON, ARIZONA!!!!!!

Yes, TUCSON!!!!!

For those not lucky enough to have visited Tucson, please know that it's NOT supposed to snow there.

It's also a wonderful city, and it's worth a visit.

It's a terrific "Latino Heritage" City with Adobe and Spanish-style architecture in its historic section as well as in new construction. It's the quintessential Southern Boomtown with lots of sunny days, expansive out doors recreational offerings and a lively Latino presence. In terms of politics, Tucson is the progressive City in an otherwise conservative Arizona.

Below are some of the great places and events that are are must when visiting Tuscon, the almost always City in of the Sun.

Tucson Botanical Gardens

In searching for the Tuscon Botanical Gardens, I drove by it numerous times because I was looking for something resembling a traditional garden with sprawling lawns and trees with large canopies. But the Tucson Garden is on a main thoroughfare tucked in behind a wall. It's small by botanic garden standards but its truly a gem.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

This museum is a real treat--it features animal and plant life from the Sonoran desert. It's also one of the best designed and most beautifully kept museums.

Mission San Xavier

If you like history and/or religious sites, San Xavier has it all. This place was built in the 1600s as part of the Spanish missions push into the upper reaches of what was once New Spain. It's purpose was to bring Christianity to the Indians of the area. Even today the mission provides a school for Tohono O'odham children.

Pima Air & Space Museum

If you have children, they'll love this place. First, it's huge. Most of the displays literally sit on desert grounds and are fully intact. And there are additional displays inside in a number of buildings. My favorite was the JFK's Air Force One. It's smaller than the photos suggest and the technology is so antique, but it was in that 727 that JFK and LBJ flew.

Sabino Canyon

The Sabino Canyon is a cool place to visit. It sits high in Catalina Mountain and it offers great views, wonderful hiking, swimming holes and a nifty trolley excursion. It also has a fabulous nature and gift store. However, they do warn people to be on the look out for mountain lions.

Tucson Rodeo Parade

The Tucson Rodeo Parade begins the 2 week "La Fiesta de los Vaqueros" or celebration of the Cowboy held annually in February since 1925.

The parade is the country's longest wagon train of wagons, cowboys on horseback, stage coaches, Indian riders, show horses, beauty queens and marching bands.

The parade lasts 2 hours and the crowd numbers in the tens of thousands.

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