Corrections Corporation of America and Williamson County Renew Lucrative Compact; Imprisoned Children May Receive Instruction

The Taylor Daily Press reported today that Williamson County renewed the Corrections Corporation of America's lease to operate the T. Don Hutto Residential Center in Taylor, Texas.

Of course, the lease renewal was probably a foregone conclusion since Williamson County stands to make over $15,000 per month on the deal. Additionally, CCA rakes in about $2.8 million per month from ICE (a federal government agency) to house up to 512 inmates.

The new contract does ask that CCA provide education for the imprisoned children in accordance with all state and federal education standards and guidelines. Advocates will have to make sure that CCA and ICE don't run a truck through that provision by claiming that special rules for incarcerated immigrants.

Frances Valdez of Texans United for Families, warned:
“There is no amount of improvement you can do with the Hutto jail to make it right for children imprisonment,” she said. “The TUFF coalition will fight through this using activism, lobbying and possible litigation. We aren't going away.”

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