Is Your Hometown Listed?

Dear American Taíno reader:

As you can see from the Visitor Hometowns list (bottom right), American Taíno readers live in towns across the U.S. and the world.

I'd love to add your hometown to the list as well. It's easy, simply click onto American Taíno (or U.S. Taíno) and Google Analytics will do the rest. They provide a daily update of the locations of all visitors to American Taíno. Visiting U.S.Taíno will do the trick as well. If you can't visit the sites from your hometown, simply email it to me at us_taino@yahoo.com or send it as a comment to this post.

Tell your friends and family members so their hometowns can be listed as well.

There are now 277 towns, but I'm shooting for 1,000. As soon as this list reaches 1,000 hometowns from across all of the continents, I'll then create a separate site called Global Taíno, and will start another list until we reach 5,000 hometowns from across the global.

Why a list of hometowns? Well, for one, hometowns are special places and they deserve recognition. But it's a fun thing to do, and I do want more people to read what I write. But it's also an experiment in the capacity of the net to connect people far and wide. For example, I'd like to know whether such a list can be built and how long it'll take.

What happens when Global Taíno reaches 5,000 hometowns? Hmmm...there's always the option of doing Universal Taíno, right?


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