Early Thoughts on the Dems '08 Field

In the pre, pre, pre set-up to next year's presidential primaries, the contestants on the Democratic Party side have been much more interesting to watch than on the Republican side. Actually, it's almost always more fun to watch the Libs than the Conservatives. I don't know why, but it's true.

For those of you trying hard not to pay attention, here's the early morning line-up:

Senators-for-life and perennial windbags: Christopher Dodd, Joseph Biden and John Kerry. These guys can bore an empty chamber--which they often do. These guys have operated for so long in the world of one-party politics, and surrounded by so many flaming sycophants, that they actually think the public adores them. But even one of these tiresome blowhards could win under the right circumstances.

Vilsak, the quite Governor from the Iowa's corn fields. He a likable, common-sense guy with executive state experience, but this year the Dems have an appetite for charisma and cash--and Vilsak is short on both. (Although Jimmy Carter was real short on them too and he won.)

Former first Lady Hillary Clinton has cash, cash and more cash--and she has the "woman of destiny" thing going. No charisma though. Is it possible for the voters to pick another not-so likable person for president? 40% of Americans don't like her. She could still win. The party activists love her. All she'd need to win is a viable 3rd party candidate in the general. That's exactly the very likable Bill Clinton won in 1992 and 1996.

Latino Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson wants to be president and he's made it clear that he's thinking about entering the 2008 contest, but I'm not sure he thinks he can win. He's smart enough though to keep his name in play and wait to see what happens. Hey, it's politics and you never know.

The Dream, Senator Barack Obama, is expected to make his intentions official this week. The timing will be good because the MSM will do a tie in between his historic quest and this week's commemoration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King: Two black men on historical quests. Both really smart, great fathers and great orators. It should give Obama yet another bounce. But the Dems are maneuvering to trip up this thoroughbred.

Al Gore, environmentalist, documentary filmmaker and highest vote-getter in the 2000 presidential elections. He's being coy about 2008; he's keeping his name out there while things unfold and the sure bets start to fade away. Gore can then swoop down and reclaim his prize.

Dennis Kucinich, Ohio congressman, quasi-socialist, failed mayor of Cleveland, is making rumblings about taking yet another kamikaze run. He too likes to talk (he's a congressman after all) and he got some neat national exposure last time around. Hey, it's better than trying to actually fix problems.

Then there's the possible candidacy of Al Sharpton. Everyone knows Big Al and absolutely nobody--even AL himself--believes his candidacy to be serious. But last time around big Al got some pretty good MSM face-time, so how could he pass that up again. Seriously, the question people will be asking is which candidate is AL trying to help by siphoning away a percent of the African American vote? Could this be Harlem Bill Clinton's way to help Hillary "manage" Obama?

Next, I'll look at the GOP field which at the moment includes these specimen: John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Duncan Hunter (That's his real name.), George Pataki, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Sam Brownback, Jim Gilmore, Tommy Thompson and Frank Keating.

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