Brujo Vázquez Makes '07 Predictions

It's Friday afternoon and you've been working hard all week, so why not a little fun.

Please know that Mexico's self-proclaimed El Brujo Mayor, aka Antonio Vázquez, declared that 2007 "is is 100 percent feminine," and warning that the human race needs to honor Mother Earth in the midst of dangerous global warming.

Vázquez issued over a dozens predictions, including these nuggets of clairvoyance:

1) Fidel Castro will be dead by May.
2) Fidel's brother, Raul, will open up Cuba so that it will be closer to the United States. Eventually, even the casinos will be back.
3) The "wall of shame" between the United States and Mexico will never be built.
4) Global warming will force everyone to unite.
5) A woman will become a prominent leader in Europe.
6) A woman becomes a prominent leader in the U.S.
7) Women will figure more prominently in the art world.
8) The world will be generally better with developed nations helping smaller ones with "many international investments."
9) Mexico will attract a lot of investment and reap a robust harvest. But Vázquez warned that "If Mexicans want a new Mexico, they have to pay their taxes."

This Brujo Vázquez agrees with El Brujo Mayor on predictions 1 through 7. I guess I'm still just a Brujo Menor because 1) I use baseball cards as opposed to the more accurate Mayan Tarot variety, and 2) there's absolutely no way I can grow a beard like that.

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