Martinez to Diversify the GOP

In his first interview as Chairman of Republican Party, Senator Mel Martinez answered reporters’ questions on a variety of topics.

Here’s his response to the inevitable question regarding his plans for attracting more Latinos and African Americans to the GOP side.

Here’s is the exchange:

Q: How will you try to make the party more inclusive to Hispanics and others?

A: I will talk about the need for the party to be inclusive, to reach out to those who sometimes have not felt like our party has not left the door open to them and to also convey a message of our party that speaks to those groups. … I talk about the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt and Reagan being a party that is very much a party that I think that Hispanic-Americans and African-American both can be very comfortable in.

Click here from the full interview.

Hmmm. A Latino Chairman of the Republican Party promising to create a party in which Latinos as well as African Americans are comfortable is refreshing.

Certainly, Bay Buchanan and Tom Tancredo can't be lovin what they’re hearing.

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