Free Texas Vacations for Immigrant Families

Below is the Orwellian response from a former Corrections Corporation of America employee to my "Imprisoned Immigrant Children Denied Education" post of January 27, 2007.

It’s Orwellian!

Consider this stunning passage:

The T. Don Hutto unit is very well outfitted for families. Each family stays together (Mother, Father and Child) and are offered a variety of other programs. The living conditions are similar to a studio apartment for each family.

Oooh! Where do I sign up my family?

It’s a freak’n prison! So what that the families are together—they’re together in a PRISON!

But the facility offers a variety of programs. Well, so do Sing Sing and Attica—and they’re still PRISONS!

The difference is that Sing Sing and Attica are not imprisoning children and the prison inmates don’t include people known to be unquestionably innocent.

But this is the real kicker:

Unless Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) mandates it, or there is a GREAT public outcry, CCA won't spend the money on [educating the children].

How splendid! (CCA should publish that important bit of information in their prospectus to investors.)

The "detained" families get to spend quality time together at the T. Don Hutto resort in Taylor, Texas, and to make their stay even more amazing the state’s obligation to educate the kids is waived.

I think CCA and ICE (now there’s an appropriate acronym) are onto something.

When word gets out about the memorable times to be had--and for free--the country’s maids, nannies, lawn boys and grape pickers are all going to turn themselves in to ICE for their turn at the T. Don Hutto resort.

ICE ices the immigrant families and CCA turns a nifty profit.

Wow! Only in America!

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  1. Just doing some random blogging and came across your blog. I would be sad if my kids were not given a chance to learn...