Why Lower Tier Candidates Run for President

A colleague asked why people running hopeless campaigns continue taking people's money and clogging venues such as last night's Democratic debate?

Good question.

The truth is that there are probably a number of reasons why lower tier candidates continue plodding along. Here are a few:

The Stroke of Luck Candidate

Some genuinely believe it's their time, the frontrunners will fade, circumstances shift, and fate propels them to glory.

e.g., Dennis Kucinich, Newt Gringrich (although he's unannounced but active), Steve Bloomberg, Michael Forbes

The VP Candidate

Some run with a realization that the presidency is not in the cards--at least not right away. What they're really trying to do build their brand and donor base so they can leverage it into a VP slot or Cabinet Secretary.

e.g., Jim Gilmore, Chris Dodd, Tom Vilsak, Duncan Hunter, Wesley Clark

The Training Candidate

Every election cycle there are a few candidates that wade into national presidential politics as part of a plan to run and win in a later cycle. Most have their best plans subverted by developments out of their control and never win the brass ring; while others find themselves as the nominee--or even as president-elect.

e.g., Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton, Al Gore

The Advocacy Candidate

Some are use a presidential run to make a point, raise and supporters to do more of the same.

e.g., Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul, Al Sharpton, Ralph Nader

The Clueless Candidate

Some people run for reasons only they understand.

e.g., Mike Gravel, James Bond Stockdale

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  1. Anonymous7/06/2007

    Because, unsurprisingly, this is America and one who brings forth a platform that seems to be most appealing wins? Of course, this being modern politics, one needs a substantial amount of money to even bother considering to run and win. Elections are not equal opportunity and for some reason, it seems that the lower tier candidates seem to lean more towards progressive politics, rather than the more-of the-same politics which Hillary, Obama, Giuliani, etc. will undoubtedly bring to the white house. As for the candidate I support: that would have to be Gravel. :)