Linda Chavez' The Company You Keep: In Search of anti-Hispanic hostility

A few weeks ago, Linda Chavez' column, In Latino Fear and Loathing, stripped off the political correctness veneer of the anti-immigrant crusade and exposed the truth: That important elements of the movement are animated by plain and simple racism.

I commended her then for her powerful truth-telling.

I did, however, wonder what's the proper political home for Linda as a conservative Latina? After all, she was accusing (rightly) some members of her conservative movement as being racist thugs with very little concern for fairness and the truth.

I wrote that "[i]t's one thing to have conservative views--many Latinos do, but it's quite another to keep the company of people who really hate your kind--even if they make an exception for you."

Well, it seems that Linda heard me and she's responded with The Company You Keep: In Search of anti-Hispanic hostility (National Review - 6.11.07). It's a powerfully written indictment of the views and writings of a very vocal, influential and, yes, racist element of the conservative wing of the anti-immigrant movement. (And yes, there's also a liberal wing of the anti-immigrant movement.)

It's lengthy, but The Company You Keep is must reading for any American who cares about the truth and fairness in regards to the immigration debate.

Linda, Thank you for your courage.


  1. Anonymous3/31/2009

    Linda Chavez is an idiot. All she is trying to do is sell books at the expense of Puerto Rican bashing. Her intention is to create controversy by being bias, and formulating stupid subjective inferences; which by now people should tired of hearing and reading. Chavez—that ship has sailed—get a brain.

  2. Anonymous10/22/2009

    Chavez the IDIOT is not a Latina!

  3. Anonymous6/16/2012

    caeser chavez, is turning in his grave. this woman, is nothing other than an evil vulgar opportunist.