Republicans: nativism is a proven loser

Listening to conservative radio screechers, you'd think it's a political winner to be for sealing up our southern border and giving the boot to all of the country's undocumented workers--especially those of the Latino variety.

But that theory has already been tested--and it is a loser!

Clint Bolick--who lives in the border state of Arizona--saw first hand what became of his state's leading conservative republican congressmen: they lost their reelection bids because of their virulently anti-immigrant positions!

To his credit, Mr. Bolick in his letter (GOP runs a big risk of losing Hispanics, Arizona Republic -6.19.07) tried to warn the Republicans. My bet is that it's largely fallen on deaf ears--and certainly the radio screechers are not interested in Bolick upsetting their narrow but lucrative trade fear and hate mongering.

Timothy Egan has picked up Bolick's theme in Republicans Losing the West (NYTimes - 6.21.07) in which he makes the case that western states are shifting Democratic in large measure due to the harsh and nonconstructive views of many Republicans. Here's his take on the two Arizona losers:

He was loud, he was blustery and he was clear: our country is being overrun by Mexicans. To back his bark, he wrote, “Whatever It Takes,” as subtle as a cactus poke. He had money, and he had the power of office, a 12-year incumbency.

In the end, J. D. Hayworth, a Republican, was kicked out of his Congressional seat here last year. In the glossy white suburbs of Phoenix, immigrant-bashing backfired.

Farther south, in a district that is ground zero in the border wars — the seared-over patch of Arizona desert where the Minutemen patrol, more Mayberry than Concord — another Republican took an even harsher stance. The anti-immigration extremist, Randy Graf, was crushed.

Western Democrats can't believe their good fortune.

Here's what the Arizona Democratic Party Chairman (and a fellow graduate school alum of mine), David Waid, told Egan about his good fortune: “Arizona is in play like never before, and the Republicans are literally handing it to us.”

Just as in the days of Jim Crow America, a band of conservative politicians--and their fellow propagandists and followers--can't seem to help themselves in their rush to push for harsh, morally bankrupt, unAmerican as well as economically and politically dumb policies.

Nonetheless, none of that has ever stopped people from campaigning to become the next leaders of the stupid party.

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