New York City's Puerto Rican Day Parade: A World Celebration

Thousands celebrate at Puerto Rican Day parade (by Marlene Naanes, amNewYork - 6.11.07)

NEW YORK -- A sea of red, white and blue Sunday washed over Fifth Avenue to a soundtrack of whistles, reggaeton and screams of "Viva Puerto Rico."

Click here for amNew York's photo slide series of the parade.
One of the loudest chants came over a megaphone from Kenny Agosto, 37, a Puerto Rican Day Parade veteran who has attended the event every year since his birth. Agosto marched and riled tens of thousands who happily responded in cheers and song at the 50th anniversary of the celebration of Puerto Rican pride.

"Today everyone is Puerto Rican," he said.

Louder than Agosto's chants were screams of "Ricky! Ricky!" for the parade's first king, pop star Ricky Martin. He sported a blonde fauxhawk and danced on top of a float dedicated to his children's foundation.


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