Is Levy Getting His Comeuppance? Part 4: The No Deal Deal

All the major players--Steve Levy, Speaker Sheldon Silver, the minority caucus and now, Governor Spitzer--are all on board with the deal.

The Deal?

Levy shuts up and allows the state to establish a hiring hall for day laborers somewhere in Suffolk County, and the minority caucus gives its OK to the re-authorization of a Suffolk County sales tax.

That's the deal.

Oh, Levy was in Albany for "personal" business. I take that to mean that he was being enlightened beyond the tool shed kept by state Democrats just for such instances.

Apparently, also part of the deal is that Levy is allowed to continue claiming that there's no deal.
Call it the "No Deal Deal" Wink, wink. Hey, it's New York politics.

I'd love to know if laying off of Assemblyman Phil Ramos was part of the No Deal Deal?

Read Levy will lay low on issues to ease standoff and Spitzer Weighs In on Suffolk Dispute — and Aqueduct’s Future.

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