Military Industrial Complex, Propagandists and Immigration Hysteria (or Wage the Dog Part 2)

Charles Babington (Talk shows influence immigration debate , AP-6.23.07) writes that immigration has supplanted Iraq as the leading issue on television and radio talk shows.

Here's a thought: Maybe that's the whole point!

Babington goes on to say that the anti-immigration radio screechers are "complicating the prospects of a Senate bill desperately wanted by President Bush."

Well, that's true if W is genuinely committed to his immigration reform proposal--which I believe he is. But how, you ask, could W be for immigration reform, while a campaign is unleashed to distract the country from a costly and questionable war effort?

Good question.

Here's a question back: Who most wanted the Vietnam War? LBJ? Or the Military Industrial Complex (MIC)? Remember, LBJ inherited the war--and it ultimately doomed him politically. No, LBJ--and I believe it's true with W today--are the front people.

MIC has the motivation, resources, capacity and political allies (or stooges) necessary to both promote the war effort (and its billions in spending), while running campaigns to distract the people--and their politicians.

Think of the Red Scare, Falling Dominoes, Tonkin Gulf and the crackdown on the civil rights movement--all which, surprisingly enough, ensured the flow of billions into MIC. Meanwhile, scared and/or angry Americans saluted as they sent their sons to war.

What are Dick Cheney's views on immigration reform? And which is most important to him: immigration reform or MIC?

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