Pro-Immigrant Commercials Air on Long Island

Long Island WINS To Air Pro-Immigrant Commercials (by Tara Powers, LongIslandPress - 6.13.07)

Starting on Wednesday, Long Island cable stations will air two new commercials as part of the Long Island WINS campaign, a program designed to emphasize the common goals of residents in both immigrant and established communities.

“Salida del Sol” is an ad that addresses the economic benefits immigrant communities have on Long Island, putting a new spin on Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America” ad. “Pupusas” focuses more on the cultural contributions of immigrants.

“Right now there’s not a strong dialogue between the middle class and the immigrant community,” says Brian Stedge, program director for the Long Island WINS campaign. “People don’t realize that they have a lot in common, that they share the same values. We want to remind people that immigrants are just like your neighbors, and that they are contributing positively to the local economy.”

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