W: You're No Teddy Roosevelt

Timothy Egan's piece on the Bush administration's abuse of the nation's public lands (This Land Was My Land, NYTimes - 6.23.07) is utterly depressing.

Allowing our national parks to fall into disrepair, promoting the commercialization of pristine environmental habitats, while proposing to yet again under fund the Forest Service and selling off thousands of acres to the highest bidder, is simply pathetic.

Describing his own recent experience, Egan wrote:

"...I drove through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest on my way to climb Mount Hood, and found the place in tatters. Roads are closed, or in disrepair. Trails are washed out. The campgrounds, those that are open, are frayed and unkempt. It looks like the forestry equivalent of a neighborhood crack house."
You would think that the preservation and upkeep of the country's national parks, wild life refuges and public lands would be something the left and the right would hold as sacred trust. Afterall, Democrats talk alot about environmental preservation, and it was Republican Teddy Roosevelt who established the U.S. Forest Service. Apparently, not anymore.

W: You're No Teddy Roosevelt.

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  1. I wonder who gets the money for the sale? Hmmm...can you say "we need to finance our war"? That seems to be all this government cares about-and the irony is that while they're busy stealing the natural resources of other countries, they let ours fall to the wayside.