Latinos Die for a Shameless America Part II

According to press reports, the wife of a U.S. soldier missing in Iraq no longer faces deportation.

We should owe a debt of gratitude to all of those outraged enough to act against such evil and inhumanity.

But think about it: U.S. federal authorities were taking steps to deport Yaderlin Jimenez, a young immigrant wife while her U.S. Army Specialist Alex Jimenez was risking his life--and possinly dying--in the hell that is the US-Iraq War.

Now they've agreed to stop--at least for now.


Alex Jimenez, 25, is the brave American soldier who has been missing since his unit was attacked by insurgents in Iraq on May 12. All that has been found are his dog tags.

He's one of the countless Latinos that have volunteered to fight our wars abroad--while domestic reactionary forces shamefully harass, jail and deport loved ones back home.

Is the federal government's shift in this unfortunate case a a change in the current cruel policies against Latino immigrants lacking proper immigration documentation? No!

Is it a change in regards to the undocumented wives of
U.S. soliders? No!

Is it a change in regards to how we treat the undocumented wives of fallen U.S. soldiers? No!

The feds have agreed to stand down only in this instance and for an uncertain period of time. And this change in tactics came only in response to a firestorm of criticism from across the nation did federal authorities agree to desist from executing their dastardly plans.

As her lawyer Matthew Kolken is quoted saying, "I can't imagine a bigger injustice than that, to be deporting someone's wife who is fighting and possibly dying for our country."


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Photo: NYDailyNews photo of Yaderline and Alex

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