The Hankster Says Read 'The Bloomberg Story' 1st

In response to Bloomberg the Independent, Nancy from The Hankster writes...

As a long-time independent, I applaud Mayor Bloomberg's nonpartisanship, and we'll see whether it's more than a political ploy... And no one should automatically get our votes without seeking our support.

About the Bloomberg story: I recommend reading Jackie Salit's "The Bloomberg Story" posted on my blog The Hankster for an inside take on the Mayor's independence:

Actually, the record shows that Mike has become more conservative and less willing to go to bat for independents, the longer he has been in the political game. But, in the early days he took stands on behalf of independents in numerous situations.

Bloomberg won 47% of the African American vote! That's incredible for a billionaire Republican in a staunchly Democratic town. I remember that race because Latinos were furious at the Democrats for failing to back the frontrunner Fernando Ferrer. Bloomberg's Latino vote that year must have been huge as well.

Nancy, Thanks for the word of caution and for the link to Salit's article.

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  1. Thanks, Taino! Yes, the Dems love to "divide and conquor" especially among their "minority" constituencies -- blacks, Latinos, women, gays, etc. They fed Freddie to the lions in 2005... It's a dirty business!