Dem Hopefuls React to Today's Court Decision

What timing. Just hours before this evening's Democratic debate at Howard University, the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 against programs aimed at achieving diversity in public school enrollment.

The Democratic presidential hopefuls were quick to react. Here are some of their comments as reported by AP:

- Hillary Rodham Clinton said she would "fight to restore Brown's promise."
- Barack Obama said it was "wrong-headed."
- Chris Dodd said the decision "will add to the resegregation...in our nation's schools."
- John Edwards said that "[t]he Supreme Court is on the ballot in this next election."
- Joe Biden said that "[t]he personal liberties of every American would be threatened even more if another conservative is allowed to serve on the Robert's court."

Look for all of tonight's debaters to denounce today's court decision--as well as the senate vote to kill immigration reform.

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