Ron Paul: Educating Bush, Hillary, McCain, Romney, Rudy, et al

Below is video of a Ron Paul non interventionist speech from his visit to New Hampshire earlier this year. It's being circulated on the internet under the title "Educating Rudy" in response to Rudy Giuliani's effective performance at Paul's expense in a recent televised debate.

Paul's point is that America's intervention in and occupation of other countries triggers a backlash of animosity and violence against us. Except in those instances where the U.S. intervened in order to extract a foreign occupier, Paul's statement is true. And Vietnam and Iraq are prime examples.

However, Rudy took Paul's words to mean that the 9/11 terrorist attacks on U.S. soil was our fault. It was a clever and devastating debating tactic by Rudy. Given the limits of the debate, and the crowded field, there was no way for Paul to explain his point.

The video is a way for Paul to make his important point directly to the voters. My view is that Paul makes a very strong case for his views--even if it's a politically incorrect view. Watch and decide for yourself.

Of course, I believe that the better title would be "Educating Bush, Hillary, McCain, Romney, Rudy, et al".

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