Laura J. McCarthy: An Iraq War Veteran's Mother Speaks Out

Laura J. McCarthy from Eagle, Idaho, is the mother of an Iraq War veteran and a member of Military Families Speak Out. Her letter was published in the Idaho Statesman on January 31, 2007.

'George Bush -- Colossal error'

Bush accepts responsibility for mistakes in the Iraq war. However, he falls short of admitting the truth: Invading Iraq was a colossal error. He emphasizes our overwhelming need to "win." Yet how can a war based on misconceptions and outright lies ever truly be "won"? Still, Bush offers up for sacrifice more American soldiers, insisting this is the only path to win this war.

Bush said it himself. If he would only listen to his own words ... He said this war will not end with one side surrendering to the other. He's right. Terrorism is not a particular country, religion, or group of any specific people. Terrorism is a frame of mind that results from hate, poverty, inequality, misunderstanding and intolerance. War neither eradicates nor heals these root causes. As proven in Iraq, war fuels the flames of

Bush needs to admit that the current situation in Iraq is a catastrophe of his own making and quit hiding behind the bravery of our soldiers. The beginning of the end to the chaos in Iraq is to be found in getting our soldiers out of Iraq, not by sending more to their graves.

Laura J. McCarthy

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