Latino Immigrants' Strong Work Ethic

In Hispanics do jobs others in U.S. "won't stand for" (Reuters 2-25-07), Andrea Hopkins finds that Latino immigrant workers are highly desired by small and large U.S. businesses for their strong work ethic.

Here are excerpts:

As President George W. Bush's plans for a guest worker program languishes in a backlash against immigration, employers both large and small say they rely on Hispanic workers to keep the economy running.

Criticized on one hand for taking jobs from unemployed Americans or for working too cheaply, Latinos are complimented on the other for doing work others won't do -- a tightrope where stereotypes seem to work both for and against them.

"The stereotype of immigrants, particularly Latino immigrants, is that they're willing to work harder."

The very traits that make Latinos valued employees can also hinder their own career advancement, said Mariela Dabbah, co-author of "The Latino Advantage in the Workplace."

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