NYC: Diverse Field in City Council Race

Here's yet more evidence that New York City is truly a world city. The AP published this story about the large and diverse field of candidates competing in today's special election to represent a silver of Brooklyn on the City Council.

The contenders for that seat trace their heritage to Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Haiti and Pakistan, plus there's one Jewish candidate.

Here's the full slate:

1) Joel Toney is the former U.N. ambassador from the St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
2) Mohammad Razvi is a community activist and former businessowner of Pakistani heritage.
3) Dr. Mathieu Eugene is of Haitian heritage.
4) African-American Karlene Gordon is a school teacher.
5) Jesse Hamilton is a lawyer and of African-American heritage.
6) Jennifer James is an African-American and an expert in political fundraising.
7) Zenobia McNally is an owner of a marketing firm and of African-American heritage.
8) Harry Schiffman is a hospital executive and of Jewish heritage.
9) Wellinghton Sharpe founded a child development center and is of Jamaican heritage.
10) Leithland "Rchie" Tulloch is an African-American health care executive.

All are seeking to replace Yvette Clarke who was elected last fall to the U.S. Congress. Clarke is the daughter Jamaican immigrants and she her mother Una Clarke into electoral politics..

For an inside look at this race read Rock Hackshaw's Grapevines and Pumpkinvines.

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