Discovery of the Boricua Eve

The Voice of the Taino People Online's includes Descubren la ‘Eva’ boricua from EL Nuevo Dia about the emerging understanding that Tainas are much more central to the shaping of Puerto Rican culture than previously understood.

Below are The Voice's translation of two excerpts:

This discovery is a new twist taken from a scientific investigation in 2003, in that it suggest that six out of 10 Puertoricans have a women ancestor of direct American Indian or of indigenous to American origina and that "indigenous women" have had a greater influence on Puerto Rican culture than previously admitted by academics.

According to investigative research done by genetic scientist specialising in molecular evolution, Juan Carlos Martinez cruzado and archeologist and anthropologist Juan Jose Ortiz Aguilu, the indigenous lineage is most common to the Puertorican of today than that of those with African lineage or Spaniard (European) descendance.
Click here for EL Nuevo Dia article "Descubren la ‘Eva’ boricua."

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