Are America's Political Elites Sick in the Head?

America truly is suffering from a bad case of schizophrenia.

Consider the government's response to immigrant workers. One part of government spends millions to "seal" the border against immigrant workers and imprisons nannies and busboys, while other parts mount campaigns to attract desperately needed Latino immigrant labor.

Yet more evidence of this schizophrenia is the announcement by Michigan officials of that state's "Venga a Michigan" (Come to Michigan) Campaign to lure more migrant farm workers to the state this year. They are desperately trying to avoid labor shortages that hurt the agriculture industry last harvest.

Q: Where do these government officials expect the farm workers to come from? I could be wrong, but I don't expect that the relatives of Tom Tancredo or Pat Buchanan are the targets of the campaign--although I'd love to see Tancredo and Buchanan earn an honest day's pay for a day's amount of work for once.

Frankly, I think 9/11 so spooked a certain political class that it has made America appear somewhat dysfunctional. Operating from an overly active (and primitive) fight or flight response mode, this class unfortunately holds a great deal of power in America.

America's political elites are basically sick in the head. Unfortunately, they don't realize it.

This is why they're incapable of discerning friend from foe and their first response to all real and imagined threats is to lash out violently--even when it's actually against the national interest.

America needs saner leaders. But until that happens, I guess we'll have to endure yet more bouts of national schizophrenia.

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