Video Blogs -- A Potent New Political Force

In Video power: the potent new political force in today's TIMESONLINE, Andrew Sullivan writes that blogs with video are becoming potent new political force.

Excerpt 1: Blogs were and are central to the online discourse, their personal touch managing to present information in a way that seems to suit the internet audience best. But something else is happening now that may give those blogs even more power: they are ceding to, or incorporating, video. And video — more than any words — has true political punch.

Excerpt 2: Citizen journalism is one thing. Citizen television is another. It brings the revolutionary potential of the blogosphere to the explosive power of the visual image. One day we will become accustomed to it, able to discount the inevitable distortions it will bring. But not yet — and one can safely predict that at some point in the wide-open race for the American presidency in 2008 at least one candidate will be destroyed by video-blogs and one may be handed a victory. Every gaffe will matter much more; and every triumph can echo for much longer.

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