Madres Contra la Guerra

Madres Contra la Guerra (Mothers Against the War) is a weblog in Spanish and English by group of mothers in Puerto Rico. Here's how they describe themselves:

Nosotras tenemos básicamente la función como madres de educar para la paz. La guerra es la antítesis de la maternidad. Exigimos porque se cumplan los derechos humanos y civiles de nuestros hujos e hijas militares: en salud educación y bienestar social. También pretendemos con humildad educar al pueblo sobre la cara real de lo que significa el militarismo y el costo humano social y psicológico de la salud de nuestros hijos y de los hijos de los iraquíes que no conocemos.
The weblog has a moving piece by Mandalit del Barco entitled Iraq War Hits Close to Home in Puerto Rico. It ends with the following lament:

"I lost my son and I feel like nothing. Like nobody," he says. "I lost the greatest man in the world and I blame the U.S. for that. I blame Bush."

During the annual festival in Quebradillas, Roman de Jesus looks out at the audience as he sings with his trio onstage. But he can no longer see his No. 1 fan cheering him on. He says music doesn't hold the same joy it once did.

His latest song is a sad lament, dedicated to Alexis and all the other sons and daughters who've been killed in Iraq.

"Other mothers and fathers are suffering," he sings, "all of Puerto Rico, too." And he warns them, "Don't let our children die in Iraq."

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