Rudy & The Great 'Men' of History Theory

In OK, So What Is It About Rudy? Mike Magruder applies the "great men" theory of history, which postulates that a great man emerges when circumstances suddenly demand a leader, and suggests that in 2008 that man may be Rudy Giuliani.

(BTW: I assume the theory also applies to great women as well--after all, Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher and Joan of Arc are prime examples.)
Last November, the American people punished Republicans not because of latent defeatism, but because of disappointment in Congress' and the administration's ability to get things done. Despite what they think about Iraq, most Americans still very much want to defeat the terrorists; they still very much want, as any one from Brooklyn might say, our boys to beat the living crap out of those bloodthirsty bastards. And so here comes Giuliani -- a guy from the streets who cleaned up a city; who always seems to be at the public's call when catastrophe strikes; and who very much has the grits and determination to be a winner. Because there are few things Americans like more than a winner. Is he one of history's "great men"? I have the suspicion we'll find out.
I do think there's something to this theory and I agree that that man was Giuliani for New York City and during 9/11. In a sense that theory has already been proven.

The question is whether 2008 requires a great historical figure? And if so, who emerges as the right leader for those times? May be it's Giuliani, but may be it's another man--or woman. We'll see.

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