1st Family Released from U.S.Immigrant Prison

Great news!

LatinaLista reports that the 1st family held at T. Don Hutto Immigrant Prison in Taylor, Texas was released this weekend.

The family, imprisoned for 90 days, includes Hanan Ibrahim, 34, who is five months pregnant and four of her children, Hamzeh, 15, Rodaina, 14, Maryam, 8, and Satem, 5. Hanan was joined in an emotional reunion with her daughter, Zarah, 3, a U.S. citizen who had been separated from her family during their imprisonment.

The American Statesman reports that the release was triggered by a federal immigration appeals board decision late Friday to reopen the family's asylum case. On January 15, 2003 an immigration judge denied the Ibrahim's asylum request and ordered them deported. Federal immigration agents apprehended them at their Richardson, Texas home in a midnight raid November 3, 2006.

The children's father, Salaheddin Ibrahim, 37, who's held in another immigrant prison is also expected to be released soon.

Hanan, Salaheddin, Hamzeh, Rodaina, Maryam, Satem and Zarah, please know that many Americans are shamed by the barbaric way in which you have been treated. Hopefully, your case and the movement to get your release will trigger a change towards a more human policy towards immigrants in the U.S.

Photo: LatinaLista

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