Poll: Clinton Losing African Americans to Obama

The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll has some surprising results, including:

  • While Clinton had a 40 pt advantage over Obama with African Americans, Obama has surged to an 11 pt edge. (The poll was conducted after the Clintons scolded Obama for David Geffen’s remarks.)
  • While just 30% Americans view Obama unfavorably, an astounding 49% view Clinton unfavorably.
  • Rudy doubled his lead over McCain--44% to 21%--from a 13 pt advantage a month ago.
  • Among Republicans, Rudy is seen as the stronger leader; however, 4 out of 10 are less likely to support him because of his liberal social views.
  • While 47% of Democrats believe Clinton’s pro-Iraq War vote was wrong, just 31% think she should apologize for it.

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